Brock Elementary's Reward System
Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies
FISH Philosophy
Celebrating Positive Behavior

Brock Elementary is committed to promoting a positive learning environment. Appropriate behavior is encouraged and reinforced in the classroom. In addition to frequent praise and encouragement, the Brock staff will recognize and celebrate good behavior through
school- wide incentive programs.

Superstar Tickets-Given by staff to any student who is observed exhibiting a school-wide expected behavior. Tickets are placed in the Brock POPCORN BUCKET in the office.

Star Student Raffle-At the end of the month, the PBIS team will pull tickets out of the popcorn bucket for an end of the month prize raffle.

Superstar Greet and Treat-Once a quarter, all students who have NOT received any white slips or office referrals will be able to attend the Superstar Greet and Treat time. Students enjoy 20 minutes of recreation time with a sweet treat.

Terrific Kids- Awarded to one student from each class. The student receives a certificate and recognition at the morning meeting.

Caught Being Good BUS Stickers-Awarded to students using appropriate bus behavior. These stickers are given to Brock Elementary bus drivers to distribute to their riders to encourage good behavior.