Positive Behavior Support


Brock Elementary is committed to promoting a positive learning environment.
Appropriate behavior is encouraged and reinforced in the classroom and
common areas. In addition to frequent verbal praise and encouragement,
the Brock staff will recognize and celebrate good behavior through school wide
incentive programs. Students are encouraged to follow the school wide
expectations referred to as the FISH PHILOSOPHY.


  1. Be There for Others
  2. Make  Their Day
  3. Choose a Positive Attitude
  4. Play/Have Fun


Behavior Expectations for Brock Expectations

Classroom Rules

  1. Raise your hand to speak.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Complete your work.
  4. Keep hands to yourself.
  5. Respect others.

Cafeteria Rules 

1. Walk in line.

2. Use quiet voices.

3. Get all utensils before sitting down.

4. Use good table manners.

5. Clean up your area.

Hallway Rules 

1. Walk facing forward.

2. Stay to the right.

3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

4. Zip and Flip.

Playground Rules 

1. Play fair.

2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

3. Use playground equipment correctly.

4. Line up when you the duty teacher tells you to. Listen for the whistle.

Restroom Rules

1. Wash hands.

2. Clean up after yourself.

3. Use quiet voices.

4. Throw trash in the trash can.

5. Return to class quickly.

Bus Rules 

1. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

2. Use kind words and actions.

3. Follow adult directions.

4. Walk to and from your bus line.

Special Events and Assemblies

1. Give me “5” signal means be quiet. Look and listen to the speaker.

2. Use good audience manners.

3. Face forward.

4. Sit on your bottom with legs crossed.

5. Keep hands and feet to yourself.


Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior 

Teacher will follow classroom consequences including positive practice,
reminders and try it again.


Minor Infractions

Disrespectful to others

Disruptions or Misconduct

Defiant Behavior Repeated failure to complete work



Correction Procedure 

Students who commit a minor infraction will be asked to identify
or model the appropriate behavior. Consequences may be assigned.


Consequences for Minor Infractions

1.Verbal Warning

2.Positive practice. Reminders, “try it again”

3.White slip issued to student. Student conference held.

4. White slip should be signed by parent and returned the next day.
Three white slips = parent conference

5.Five white slips in a nine weeks period =
Administrative referral for Saturday Detention.


Major Infractions

Disrespect or Disruptions

Willful Disobedience


Destruction of Property



Leaving school premises without permission.

Others severe behaviors


Correction Procedures for Major Infractions

Students who commit major rule infractions will be asked to identify
the inappropriate behavior and describe replacement behavior.
A school behavior form will be written up and turned in to the office.
The principal or administrator will determine corrective action
which may include student/parent conference, Saturday detention,
loss of privilege suspension, counselor referral or other corrective action.


Brock Elementary Reward System

 Keep on Fishing Tickets

Pink tickets will be given by staff to any student who is observed exhibiting
a school wide expected behavior. Tickets are placed in the
BROCK FISH BOWL in the office. At the end of the week,
these students are recognized at morning meeting
for following the FISH Philosophy.


Keep on Fishing Raffle

 At the end of the month, FISH tickets will be placed in the
fish bowl for an end of the month raffle to win a prize.


Greet and Treat Reward Time

At the end of the month or quarter, all students who have not
received any white slips or office referrals will be able to attend
Greet and Treat time. Students will enjoy 20 minutes of
recreation time and a sweet treat.


Caught being Good BUS Stickers

These stickers are awarded to students using appropriate bus behavior.


Good Citizen of the Month

Awarded to one student from each class. The student receives
a certificate and recognition at morning meeting.